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1. Implementing Tangible Symbols for Everyday Communication

Tangible symbols are a great way to help children who are nonverbal communicators in your classroom. This webinar answers the "what" and "how-to" of implementing tangible symbols with the children you know. Providing tangible symbols is a great way to bridge the gap between what the child knows and helping them express what they want and need.

Presenter: Anne Kuhlmeier, M.S., CCC, ATP
Speech Language Pathologist

Presentation Slides PDF and Webinar You Tube

2. Positioning and Mobility for Young Children

View the webinar to learn how to:

  1. Set positioning and mobility goals with your child or student,
  2. Evaluate and match assistive technology to their needs,
  3. Learn about commonly used positioning and mobility assistive technology,
  4. Review examples of real client stories

Presenter: Kathie LaFortune, PT, PCS, ATP

PC Version: View the PC version of the webinar here.

iPad Version: Begin by downloading the iSpring player app for iPad in the app store. Once you have installed iSpring player app, view the presentation in your iPad Safari browser.