Communication Access Program

Expand Access to Communication

Communication is a fundamental component of existence and a basic human right. Many of our programs and services focus on expanding communication access for people with disabilities. This includes our Communication Access Program (CAP).

This program was established in 2020 in partnership with Southwest Idaho Area Agency on Aging. It was created to help reduce social isolation for seniors and people with disabilities, with a focus on long-term care facilities. This allowed IATP to expand awareness of assistive technology (AT) for facility residents.

In the years since, we have received additional grants focused on developing resources and education around communication technology for people with hearing, vision, cognitive and physical disabilities. This allowed us to expand our outreach from long-term care facilities to vaccine providers, medical and therapy providers, and family caregivers.

Vaccine Communication Access Program

A second grant focused on making vaccine sites and medical facilities more accessible for people with communication disabilities and people who speak a language other than English. IATP developed and distributed communication access kits to 70 facilities across the state. Each kit featured a full range of tools and information to help medical professionals make communication easier for patients.

CAP Resources

These resources are designed to increase knowledge and awareness of AT communication solutions. They also provide information on how to secure and use AT to stay connected.

Communication Access Video Series

This video series discusses AT designed to address communication barriers such as: 

  • deaf and hard-of-hearing
  • blind and low-vision
  • speech
  • cognition
  • physical

View the Communication Access Video Series

AT for Communication Access Padlet

This padlet is a collection of information about devices, software, apps and features that can help expand and enhance communication. This includes practical ways to make everyday devices such as smartphones and televisions more accessible.

It also offers information on how to create your own Communication Plan.

View the Communication Access Padlet

Vaccine Communication Access Padlet

This padlet includes communication access guidelines as well as information on a range of accommodations that can be made to assist patients of all abilities. This ranges from AT devices to apps and programs designed to make listening, translating and communicating easier.

View the Vaccine Communication Access Padlet