Make It

There is a rising movement of people making assistive technology and sharing their ideas about how to create assistive technology from inexpensive and readily available materials... from Velcro, PVC pipe, and old bicycle parts to Arduino boards and 3-D printing. Check out some of the creativity happening to get AT into the hands of people whose lives will benefit from these tools.

A person working in a garden, laying on a home-made wheeled bed with an attached umbrella, that allows him to lay face-down with his arms free to use garden tools or pull weeds as the wheels fit between the garden rows.
Gardening wheeled bed

A mouth operated joystick sits on a tabletop tripod. Next to it is a parts kit from Makers Making Change, and an assembly manual and a second, partially assembled 3-D printed LipSync.
LipSync 3-D printed mouth controlled joystick