To schedule a training, presentation, register for an event, or have IATP staff participate in your event, please contact the Idaho Assistive Technology Project at 1-800-432-8324 or email the appropriate contact below:

School Trainings: Dan Dyer

General AT Presentations and Displays: Sue House

Register for an Event: Krista Kramer


The IATP offers trainings, presentations, and events ranging from school-based to funding, including webinars:

  • In-service (School-Based): Trainings available on the basic understanding of AT devices and services in the rehabilitation and education process, including practical skills training on certain devices, software or services that may benefit a few or all students. Available to school districts free of charge and can target specific teams as follow-up training for a recent or past assessment. Visit the Idaho Training Clearinghouse for current trainings available.
  • Pre-service Presentation: Institutions of higher education may request presentations to their classes that can include:
    • Introduction to assistive technology,
    • Low tech/high tech solutions,
    • Alternative augmentative communication (AAC),
    • School based services protocol,
    • Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act,
    • Electronic and Information Technology accommodations,
    • Computer access issues.
  • Public-Awareness Events: If you are interested in having the IATP participate in your training, seminar, workshop, expo, or other event, as a presenter or exhibitor please give us a call.
  • Tools for Life Fair: The Fair, a yearly event coordinated and sponsored by the Idaho Interagency Council on Secondary Transition, the Idaho State Department of Education, and the Idaho Assistive Technology Project. It includes presentations by national and regional experts on issues surrounding secondary transition and assistive technology.