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Assistance Continues for those with Deaf-Blindness

Posted on 3/31/2018 by

Do you or someone you know have difficulty seeing a telephone display or computer screen even while wearing glasses? Does this same person have difficulty hearing the telephone or television even while wearing hearing aids or the volume turned up as loud as it will go?

Or are both vision and hearing loss progressing so that each day this same person sees or hears less than the day before? If yes, then this person could be eligible for distance communication equipment from the Idaho Deaf-Blind Equipment Distribution Program. But what is distance communication equipment? Distance communication equipment includes video telephones, TTYs, smart-phones, tablets such as iPads, and computers for using the Internet. These are all tools that help you communicate with someone who is not in the same room with you. The Internet provides a wealth of information at your fingertips and it allows you to connect and communicate with individuals anywhere in the world. You can access the Internet through a computer, a smart-phone, or a tablet. Video telephones allow you to communicate with someone face-to-face, using ASL, across town or across the continent. If you or someone you know might benefit from this program, please visit the IDBEDP website to apply.