Training and Technical Assistance

Our goal is to help more people hear about and gain access to the assistive technology tools to reach their goals. We can provide training to individuals, families, educators, and medical and support staff. In addition to individual training and presenting at conferences, we can design trainings to meet the needs of different groups such as AT for Aging in Place; AT for Reading, Writing and Organization; Accessibility Features on Smart Devices; and many more topics related to the spectrum of assistive technology.

  • School-based in-service training: Our collaboration with SESTA allows us to present trainings to school districts free of charge and tailored to the specific needs of the school.
  • Idaho Training Clearinghouse is an archive of education-related video webinars on a variety of Assistive Technology topics.
  • Pre-service education: As part of the Center on Disability and Human Development at the University of Idaho, we also teach classes for academic or professional development credit, and guest lectures in a variety of disciplines.
    • Introduction to assistive technology,
    • Low tech/high tech solutions,
    • Alternative augmentative communication (AAC),
    • School based services protocol,
    • Hearing assistance technology,
    • Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act,
    • Electronic and Information Technology accommodations,
    • Computer access issues, and much more.
  • Idaho Digital Accessibility Consortim (IDAC) is a consortium of state webmasters and others responsible for organizational websites providing education on issues of web accessibility for people with disabilities. To request IDAC assistance with web, document or awareness training, download the IDAC Needs Assessment Survey (PDF).
  • Public-Awareness Events: If you are interested in having the I.A.T.P. participate in your training, seminar, workshop, expo, or other event, as a presenter or exhibitor please give us a call.
  • Tools for Life Fair: Tools for Life is a yearly conference for transition aged youth, their parents, and transition teams that is coordinated and sponsored by the Idaho Interagency Council on Secondary Transition, the Idaho State Department of Education, and the Idaho Assistive Technology Project. It includes presentations by national and regional experts on issues surrounding secondary transition and assistive technology.
  • Technical Assistance: Agencies and organizations can contact the I.A.T.P. for technical assistance with assistive technology related needs.