Idaho ATP Advisory Council

State Assistive Technology Programs are required to establish Advisory Councils to provide “consumer-responsive, consumer-driven advice” for the planning, operation, and evaluation of programs, including setting measurable goals. The Advisory Council includes:

  • A representative of a state center for independent living;
  • A representative of the state educational agency;
  • A representative of the state vocational rehabilitation agency;
  • A representative of the state workforce investment board;
  • Individuals with disabilities that use assistive technology or the family members or guardians of the individuals; and,
  • Representatives of other state agencies, public agencies, or private organizations, as determined by the state.

At least 51% of the advisory members must be either individuals with disabilities that use assistive technology, a family member or a guardian of such an individual. Individuals appointed to represent state entities cannot count toward that requirement. The advisory council is a geographical representation of the state and reflects the diversity of the state in regard to race, ethnicity, and type of disabilities across the age span, as well as users of types of services that an individual with a disability may receive.

Read the Policies and ProceduresPDF - Revised Edition October 2016

Download the current (October, 2018) Advisory Council listPDF .